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Book Reviews

Book Reviews

Antithesis has received several awesome reviews… you can check them out below.

Literary Titan
“Svet Rouskov’s Antithesis is a medley of riveting short stories, with some split into parts. Rouskov presents thought-provoking science fiction tales with shades of the supernatural. He packs so much tension and intrigue into various bits of flash fiction and each bit brims with relevant insights on life, humanity, technology, and more.”

The Avid Reader
“Antithesis is a very unique story. I don’t think I have ever read a story quite like it. It is full of mystery and suspense that keeps you wondering what is going on. You can’t flip the pages fast enough to see how each story ends and where they are going to take you. I recommend that you grab your copy of Antithesis and give it a try and see what you think!”

Sybrina’s Book Blog
“The author has an education in film making and it really shows in his style of writing. I could easily envision each of these tales as a movie. Until that happens, you’ll have to settle for reading his thought-provoking creative works. I found reading them to be an excellent use of my very precious time. I give this collection of short sci-fi musings 5 stars.”

Westveil Publishing
“Antithesis is a collection of short stories of the sci-fi variety that have a very cinematic feel to them. I can absolutely see every one of these on the screen, big or small, and all of them immediately pulled me in and had me absolutely invested. Five Stars.”

Beyond Romance
“All in all, this book offers both variety and substance. I enjoyed reading it. 4/5 Stars”

Michael Leon Book Reviews
“All in all, Antithesis is an enjoyable read for lovers of SFF in the short story form. If you enjoy Twilight Zone style SFF, I recommend you read this novel. 4 STARS”

Gina Rae Mitchell
“I do love a book that makes me think, and Antithesis certainly does that. Although this book isn’t exactly on my list of favorite genres, I am happy I took a chance and read the stories. I found something thought-provoking and entertaining in each short story. I believe that most readers will enjoy the book. 4.5/5 Stars.”

Becoming Extraordinary
“There is no doubt that author Svet Rouskov has a deft command of the language and flair for telling a story. Start any of the tales in his book Antithesis and you will know you are in good hands, going places that will surprise you and get you to think.”